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V-Watch – Personal AC Voltage Detector

V-WatchTM Fire  

Personal AC Voltage Detector


Product Description:

The V-Watch™ Fire is a personal AC voltage detector that provides a warning in the presence of electrical fields surrounding electrical equipment.  Designed to be worn on the outside of firefighting clothing and web gear, the V-Watch™ Fire provides an extra level of safety for firefighters working around electrical power lines and other energized AC electrical equipment. 


  • Audible and visual alarms increase in frequency as you approach
  • Nomex™protective carrying pouch resists flames, provides drop and water protection
  • Built-in self test system checks circuit, audible beeper and visual warning light
  • Warning mute button turns off beeper for 5 minutes when pressed
  • Rugged, compact plastic housing
  • 9V field replaceable battery
  • Low battery warning indication
  • Always on and checking when exposed


  • Alerts the firefighter to the proximity of AC high voltage electrical fields
  • Increases the safety of accidental contact with power lines and other electrical equipment


  • Sensitivity: Factory set at 50/60 Hz sensing threshold
  • Operating temperature: -20° F to +120°F (-29° to +49° C)
  • Battery: 9V alkaline 1604A, IEC6LR61, 2-year life in storage, about 1 year in use.
  • Beeper Sound Pressure Level: 80 dB
  • Unit weight: 5.2 oz. (147 g) with battery, 12 oz. (315 g) with carrying case.
  • Dimensions with case:

4.25″H x 4.25″W x 2.5″D  106mm x 106mm x 64mm

  • Carrying Case: Electrically shielded, Nomex™ outer cover, FR Velcro closure, heavy duty 2.25 in. long clip, case is padded for shock and water protection.

V-Watch is a trademark of HD Electric Company; US Patents D439,537 and 6,329,924.  Nomex is a trademark of DuPont Corp.  Due to continuous improvement policies, we reserve the right to change product designs and specifications without notice


The V-Watch Fire voltage detector comes in a specially designed carrying case to adapt it to a variety of firefighting web gear, back packs, SCBA’s and personal protective