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Category: Honda ST1300P – Open for business….

A new site has just opened specifically catered to the Police Model ST1300P Motorcycle.

Crash Bars , Tail Sections, and many other products are being showcased.


It also seems that if you call them they will answer any technical questions people might have about the bikes and the setup issues many have faced.


Special Advisory: Honda ST1300P



Please see the special advisory related to equipment installs on the ST1300P

ST1300PA – Important Equipment Installation Advisory

Also please see the following links to manufacturers that offer solutions for this new breed of Police Motorcycle:

Wattco – Crash Protection – Lighting – Accessories
Headsets and Communications
Radar Solutions
Lighting and Accessories
Headsets and Communications
Accessories and Installation

A Key Member of Your Force
The best police cruisers need to adhere to the best principles of law enforcement. Power. Stealth. Quickness. Reliability. The ST1300PA Police Motorcycle boasts a powerful and lightweight V-4 engine with the added performance of an anti-lock braking system, while being exceptionally quiet and smooth. And as for reliability, the ST1300PA is everything that you’ve come to expect in a Honda.

Get Full Specifications  28.5 KB


  • Compact, powerful 1261cc DOHC 90° V-4 engine
  • Shim-under-bucket valve actuation ensures high-rpm reliability
  • PGM-FI produces a smooth and linear throttle response

  • Motor-driven, adjustable windscreen
  • 7.7-gallon, dual-section fuel tank
  • ABS equipped, with Honda’s Linked Braking System®
  • Adjustable 3-position dual-density solo seat
  • Rear component cover for electronics weather protection
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