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R·O·M Corp. Acquires Fire Research Corporation


R·O·M Corporation Acquires Fire Research Corporation

BELTON, MO / NESCONSET, NY (January 7, 2013) – R·O·M Corporation (“R·O·M”) is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of Fire Research Corporation (“FRC”). FRC will become a subsidiary of R·O·M and maintain its presence in Nesconset, NY.

FRC Founder Jack McLoughlin, along with his two other partners Toh Meng and Neocles Athanasiades will continue at FRC. Mr. Meng will assume the role of President of R·O·M’s Electrical Component Division. The transaction allows both companies to share best practices and continue to develop market-leading products. All FRC operations, including sales, customer service, engineering and production will remain based in Nesconset, NY.

The acquisition continues R·O·M’s long-term strategic initiative of growth through acquisitions, new product introduction, geographic expansion, and strategic partnerships. Jeff Hupke, CEO of R·O·M, indicated that R·O·M will work with FRC’s management team to maintain continuous improvement of FRC’s already strong quality and on-time delivery while further expanding FRC’s customer relationships to provide a strong launch pad for future growth.

"The reputation of the FRC brand is unparalleled,” Hupke said. “With this acquisition, R·O·M becomes the largest supplier of emergency scene lighting, pressure governors and flow meters. When combined with R·O·M’s strengths in roll-up doors and safety grating, we continue proving true to our mission to improve firefighter safety and productivity.”

“For FRC customers, it’s business as usual,” McLoughlin said. “Same location, same processes, same contacts. We’re continuing our pursuit of innovation and great service.”

Mr. Hupke also noted that “outside sales coverage will also improve.” The R·O·M and FRC sales teams will work together to improve the already robust customer service department. Both companies have a decades-long history to improving worker and firefighter safety and productivity through innovative, high-quality products.

With a stated goal of increasing exposure for FRC’s products and enhancing product development for R·O·M, Mr. Hupke and Mr. McLoughlin envision no major changes in facility operations, as both companies prepare for continued growth to keep up with demand. R·O·M currently has 286 employees at its Belton, MO, East Stroudsburg, PA, and West Saint Paul, MN facilities. FRC currently has 112 employees at its location in Nesconset, NY.

No financial terms were disclosed as part of the announcement, which was made jointly by Mr. McLoughlin and Mr. Hupke.

About R·O·M Corporation
R·O·M Corporation, founded in 1947, is headquartered in a 65,000 sq. ft. facility in suburban Kansas City, MO and specializes in building products that improve worker productivity and reduce workplace accidents associated with slips, trips, falls, and muscle strains. The company employs talented tradesmen, machinists, engineers, and sales and customer service professionals in 12 different states. R·O·M product solutions are marketed to emergency responders, truck and trailer operators, food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, telecommunication and utility workers, and other specialty vehicle occupations. R·O·M Corporation is ISO 9001-certified and also operates facilities in West St. Paul, MN and East Stroudsburg, PA. For more information on R·O·M please visit

About Fire Research Corporation
FRC, founded in 1968 and based in Nesconset, NY, develops, manufactures, and distributes safety equipment, controls, instrumentation and displays, scene lights, and station accessories for fire rescue and emergency services vehicles. The company’s paddlewheel type flow sensor technology is now the standard used in fire pump plumbing for flow meters. Its innovative pressure governors and lighting products are used worldwide. For more information on FRC please

Cameron Blain, Marketing Manager, (800) 827-3692

Pelican Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS)


Canyonwest RALS

Canyonwest Cases “Rolls Out” Emergency Lighting

Fountain Hills, Arizona, September 22, 2009 — Get all the light you need – when and where you need it – with Pelican™ Products new Remote Area Lighting System (RALS). And Canyonwest Cases ( is making them available to Police and Fire departments, the military and anyone needing dependable, long-lasting light.

These efficient and powerful Remote Area Lighting Systems (with and without wheels) provide convenient and ecologically responsible alternatives to wasteful generator powered lights, and are available in four models:

· 9430: The 9430 RALS is a completely portable, high-performance light that can be trusted to illuminate work or rescue areas in all weather conditions. Weigh is only 22 pounds, its 360-degree swivel mast telescopes to nearly three feet, throwing the light’s 2,000 lumens over a wide area. The maintenance-free LED array is powered by a 15-hour rechargeable battery. Available from Canyonwest Cases immediately for $546.00, MSRP is $800.00.

Federal Signal – New LED Takedowns

2008-04-12_111629 Click for Literature PDF

More bright new thinking from Federal Signal

Introducing ultra bright white LED Takedown lights!

 Now you can have the brightness of halogens with Federal Signal’s patent pending Solaris high performance LED takedowns.

 New Solaris reflector design provides focused lighting for increased officer safety and protection.

 LED’s reduce the current draw, freeing up amperage for other essential vehicle equipment.

 LED’s generate less heat than halogens and have a longer life, which means reduced downtime and replacement costs.

Use the online configurator at to order your next Legend lightbar with LED takedowns. Halogen takedowns are still available.

Other new features now offered with the Legend:

 Stop/Tail/Turn option may be ordered on 45” and 53” Legends.

 Save time and money when installing your fleet; Clone and duplicate
patterns and other pre-programmed options such as front/rear cut-off,
intersection warning and dimming from vehicle to vehicle with the
new Epic™ programmer and a laptop or PC.


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