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Kawasaki Police 1400 from Kelly’s Kawasaki, AZ



Introducing the Kawasaki POLICE1400 ENFORCER, the next step in the evolution of Law Enforcement vehicles.

Performance comes naturally to Kawasaki, seeing as how we already had the performance part of the equation nailed with the ZX™-14 sportbike. The bike’s amazing 1,352cc engine and unique
monocoque frame lent themselves perfectly to an exciting new class of sport touring motorcycles. The Concours 14 ABS was born and immediately rose to the top of the critic’s lists.

Now the next-generation Concours 14 benefits from an entire laundry list of comfort, convenience and safety items, carefully engineered to surpass all expectations of what a perfect sport tourer should be.
Based upon the highly acclaimed 2011 Concours 14 ABS, Kelly’s Kawasaki offers the 2011 POLICE 1400 ENFORCER,
built for operator comfort and to withstand the high demands of the tough everyday job.

The POLICE 1400 ENFORCER, already in use by several Law Enforcement Agencies nationwide, can be equipped according to any local or regional regulations and fulfills the highest standards.

Key Features:

• Kawasaki Traction Control (KTRC)
• Kawasaki Advanced Co-Active-Braking Technology (K-Act)
• Heated Grips
• Electrically-Adjustable Windshield
• Heat-Dissipating Bodywork


Government Sales:
Cory Calkins

Caprice PPV–Ride & Drive Days


A  legendary name in law enforcement is back on patrol in 2011:

The all-new Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV) delivers the performance, comfort and safety demanded by agencies that prefer a full-size, rear-wheel drive police patrol sedan. Designed  with input from police users specifically for the way police officers use a vehicle in the field shift after shift, Caprice PPV features innovative engineering to meet the special demands of police use – a powerful yet efficient V8 engine;  segment-leading interior roominess; special front seats sculpted to accommodate equipment belts; and a comprehensive safety package with technologies that aid in crash avoidance and help insure occupant protection.

To reserve your spot call: 1-877-890-8912

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