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Category: Product Improvements

Protective Bars for the 2010 Kawasaki Concours 14 now available

Protective bars for the 2010 Concours 14 are now available. Kawasaki made some changes to the bike to help dissipate engine heat and divert it away from the rider. These changes resulted in us having to re-engineer the engine/fairing guards’ mounting brackets. Additionally, Kawasaki requested a minor design change which would allow the accommodation of certain law enforcement equipment for use in their highly anticipated return to the law enforcement arena.

These changes culminated in new generation engine/fairing guards, stronger and a little larger than their predecessors – built with 1” diameter tube instead of 7/8” diameter, easier to install and still available in chrome or tactical black powder coat. These new guards are unique to the 2010 model and will not fit earlier models.
For production going forward, we’ve also upgraded the small side bag guards to 1” diameter tube. The full size saddlebag and tail guard option will continue to be made with 7/8” diameter. Both of these fit 2008 through 2010 model bikes.

We’ve expanded our accessory line-up for the 2010 model by offering a baton/flashlight holder similar to the very popular version we build for the Honda ST1300PA as well as a speaker bracket specifically designed for the Whelen model SA315P speaker, the same unit being utilized by law enforcement agencies nationwide.
The Concours 14 being offered as a law enforcement vehicle is fully supported by Kawasaki Motors Corporation, U.S.A. and additional information can be attained by contacting John Griffin via email at or by calling him at (949) 770-0400 ext. 2725.

Although not specifically designed as a police bike, the Concours is similar in performance and appearance to the Honda and carries some of the same type of factory-installed equipment such as an adjustable windshield and available ABS brakes.

We believe this bike is capable of sharing the market with the Honda and providing another more affordable, high quality, lower maintenance alternative to Harley and BMW. Following what occurred with the Honda, we’re confident that other aftermarket manufacturers, dealers and outfitters will develop the remaining components necessary to complete the various configurations of lights, sirens, radar guns, etc. that law enforcement agency’s require.

It is our intention to eventually identify a few “standard” configurations of accessories for both the Honda and Kawasaki, then manufacture the bracketry to accommodate same, providing a more seamless product and making it easier on those preparing RFP’s/RFQ’s as well as those assembling the final product.

As shown in the images below, the Concours bars are very similar in design to those for the Honda. One notable distinction is their ease of installation, eliminating more than 20 steps from the process required for the Honda, including modification of the fairings.

New for 2010

kawcon10d kawcon10c
kawcon10b kawcon10a

Forward right and left engine/fairing guards with universal mounting brackets for lights, sirens, radar gun and antenna, etc. (See notes 1 & 2)

Full size rear side bag guards with rear lower and upper tail guard with room for mounting a shotgun and radio antenna. (See notes 1 & 3).

Small side bag guards are a lower cost alternative to our full size bag guard and tail guard assembly and provide a little less protection but offer a universal mounting point on each side of the bike for a variety of accessories commonly used in law enforcement. The accessory mounting plates have no pre-drilled holes allowing the end user the freedom to utilize the space as desired.

Baton/Flashlight Holder. For use only with the 2010 model engine/fairing guards.

Speaker Bracket. For use only with the 2010 model engine/fairing guards.

Your choice of brilliant, durable chrome plating or tactical black powder coating on all major components except for the baton/flashlight holder and speaker bracket which are available only in black.

Instructions and all necessary hardware for installation on the motorcycle.

All components are sold separately. Call or email us for pricing and availability.

Note 1: Your installation may require additional bracketry, hardware, drilling, etc. based on what your department adds to the bike. Most law enforcement agency’s fabricate their own bracketry (if required) to suit their specific needs.

Note 2: As with all of our engine guards or crash bars, etc., they are designed to provide basic no-speed or low-speed roll-over protection for the vehicle and are not intended to prevent personal injury.

Note 3: Saddlebag opening is restricted, though adequate, after installation of bars. Retainer strap should be shortened to prevent bag doors from hitting bars when opened. Saddlebags are still removable after installation of bars.

Note 4: Replacement components are available. Contact us for pricing.

These can be purchased from Wattco Emergency Equipment Inc. –

ChargeGuard releases the ChargeGuard Select


How CHARGEGUARD® Select Works:

  • Automatically turns mobile equipment on when you start the motor
  • When you turn the motor off, the equipment stays on from 5 seconds to infinity depending on the selected time delay setting
  • Turns equipment off before pre-set time if voltage drops too low.
  • Diagnostic LED helps troubleshoot voltage problems

    What CHARGEGUARD® Select Delivers:

    Higher productivity

  • Equipment is on when you want it on – leave unattended with no worry
  • Reduces down time caused by service calls

    Lower maintenance cost

  • Prevents battery wear and tear
  • Saves battery replacement costs
  • Reduces service calls and aids in troubleshooting
  • Reduces fuel cost by not needing engine on to run equipment.
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    Safety Site – Super LED Traffic Control


    Download the Brochure Cick Here

    The safe, environmentally friendly alternative to flares. Highly effective LED light modules designed for temporary warning in a wide range of situations and applications. Modules can be used in the horizontal or vertical position and can be attached to highway cones for added visibility. Compact Cordura® duffle bag stores five light modules for ready access.


    ■ Long lasting, heavy-duty Super-LED modules are super bright, super efficient.

    ■ Safer than traditional flares …won’t burn clothing or ignite grass or leaf fires.

    ■ Four standard flash patterns: CometFlash®, SingleFlash, Steady-Burn and FlareFlicker.

    ■ Electronics are encapsulated for moisture and vibration resistance, lenses and housings are rugged polycarbonate.

    ■ Kit includes Cordura® carrying case and five LED modules.

    ■ Environmentally safe, easy to set up and deploy.

    ■ Visibility range, five to seven miles.

    ■ Cost effective … LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours of operation.

    ■ Optional elevation ring adaptor for mounting on any traffic cone or road triangle.

    ■ Power source: Three alkaline size C batteries, not included.

    ■ Battery life approximately 100 hours.

    ■ Available in red and amber.