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Leatherman Update 2008′

Take everything you expect from a traditional lockback folder. Then pile on the features—can opener, bottle opener, bit driver (with six screw bit tips), even a carabiner clip—but do it so the extra versatility isn’t noticed until it’s needed. What you get is a product engineers like to call "feature dense," which means the k502x and k503x provide maximum usefulness with minimum bulk.

Bit Driver. Carry six screwdrivers in the space of two. Versatile bit drivers come with double-ended bits that quickly change to fit the demands of the day’s work. Included are Phillips #1 and 2, 1/8" 3/16" and 1/4" width flathead, and #15 Torx. Additional accessory bits are available.

Carabiner. Our patent-pending carabiner stays hidden until you need it, nesting with other components to save space. Then a simple thumb action is all that is required to hang your Leatherman knife on a backpack, rope or belt loop. Plus, it locks into place so attachment is easy.

Bottle Opener. The carabiner is also designed to be the best bottle cap lifter we’ve ever offered. And since it easily rotates or slides out with one hand, you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your reward for a day’s work well done.


Back to basics…Very cool basics. Today’s outdoor enthusiasts want to keep weight and volume to a minimum without sacrificing quality and true functionality. While multi-tools have multiple options, they’re often heavier with more features than are used on a regular basis. Conversely, pocket knives are light and streamlined, but render themselves useless when necessary adjustments call for a tool. Enter the new Skeletool platform: Minimal weight, compact size and endless capabilities.



New Freestyle & Skeletool



Skeletool_CX_Beauty (Large) Skeletool_CX_Open (Large)

The Freestyle has not as of this article been released


Cold Steel – Land & Sea Rescue

When someone’s life is in danger, there is often not enough time to fumble around trying to open a Swiss Army® or “tool” type knife and then saw frantically in a desperate bid to free them. Those knives have blades that are just too short, narrow and dull to immediately sever thick, tough, or fibrous material. When seconds count, the Land & Sea/Rescue™ Knife is more than equal to the challenge. In an emergency, it can be opened in the blink of an eye, and the innovative rocker lock allows worry-free deployment when a life is on the line. Once locked open, the blade can cut with the fury of a chainsaw with its wide, flat ground surface and serrated edge.

The unique “sheep’s foot” style VG-1 Stainless blade is ideal for rescue situations because it is less likely to injure accident victims when cutting away seat belts or clothing. And the tough, Zytel® handle is contoured and deeply checkered for a solid, non-slip grip. The Land & Sea/Rescue™ Knife sports a small, but powerful steel pocket clip, to keep the blade within easy reach at all times.

Blade: 4″
Steel: VG-1 Stainless
Handle: 5 1/16″, Zytel handle
Overall: 9 1/16″
Thick: 1/8″
Weight: 3.5oz.
Features a steel pocket clip


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