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EEN Welcomes a new Sponsor….



We would like to thank: for becoming our latest site sponsor. They are the #1 location to get all your Power Probe related products. If you are not familiar with the Power Probe Product and you work on mobile vehicle based electrical systems it’s time for you to take a look at the product lineup – it will help you shave hours of your troubleshooting times. More Info below:

Door Ease & Door Ease Trak-Pak


Door Ease marks entry, travel, and exit points for fire and emergency personnel to get in and out of structures safely. High performance LED technology provides a bright, reliable flashing or steady-burn light which is unsurpassed in low visibility operations. Door Ease also has a warning tone/flashing mode for added impact. Trac-Pak Safety System includes a versatile, "glove friendly" tactical holster which attaches to waist strap, bail out harness, radio or flashlight strap and holds two Door Ease units.


■ LED technology provides super bright, super effective warning.
■ Compact, heavy-duty polycarbonate door wedge marks interior search and
rescue routes. Creates a virtual illuminated entry/exit route.
■ Three modes: flashing, flashing and audible alert, and steady-burn.
■ Warning tone has a sound output of 95dB.
■ LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours of operation.
■ New integral mounting hook allows higher placement of device on door hinges.
■ Door Ease promotes higher confidence levels and increases task productivity.
■ Requires three AAA alkaline batteries, not included.
■ Battery life approximately 21 hours.
■ Affordably priced.


Door Ease is a Target Exit Device which quickly identifies entry and exit points by illuminating travel routes.
■ In low visibility situations Door Ease’s Super-LED reflects off of smoke.
■ Other useful applications include:
Enhance RIT (Rapid Intervention Teams) or F.A.S.T. (Firefighter Assist and Search Team) Operations, marking searched areas, or can be used as a flashlight.
■ Approximately 21 hours of operation on 3 alkaline AAA batteries.
■ Designed and endorsed by the Country’s leading fire instructors.

To Download the Brochure: Click Here


Black Lightning Diamond Rescue Blade

Black Lightning Diamond Rescue Blade


Cutters Edge has introduced a new high speed cutting blade for rotary saws called the Black Lightning Diamond Rescue Blade. This new blade fits all rotary saws and is available in 12”, 14” and 16” sizes.

According to Tom Ruzich, President of Cutters Edge, “the unique features of our new blade include an in-line cooling port design that enables faster and cooler cutting in any material. The exclusive bi-directional cutting capability is the result of the perpendicular gullet design that allows safe cutting in either rotational direction, enhancing safety, cutting speed and blade life.”
The Black Lightning blade uses a special vacuum brazing process to permanently bond the cutting diamonds to the substrate and exposes up to 30% more of the diamond cutting surface for better cutting performance, cooler operation and longer blade life.