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Power Probe III and Test Lead Kit Combo

Power Probe


Power Probe III 

Power Probe III and Test Lead Kit Combo PP-PP319FTC-Combo
Power Probe III and Test Lead Kit Combo
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Hands downs the best test unit for vehicle based diagnosticsDetailed Description:
Power Probe IIIA multitude of testers right at your fingertips
–Test Light
–Built-in Flashlight
–Short Circuit Tester
–Relay and Component Tester
–Continuity Tester
–Bad Ground Indicator
–20 ft Jumper lead set
–42 Volt Ready• Easy to read backlit Voltmeter allows you to read voltage at the tip eliminating wasted time running to your toolbox for a voltmeter!
• 42V Ready right out of the box prepares you for the future now!
• New gold plated, rugged connectors guaranty a secure hook-up every time.
• Standard 4mm cap ensures full compatibly with our Gold Series Lead Set as well as all other 4mm leads, plugs & jacks already in your tool box.• In addition to these added benefits you’ll enjoy all the other great features technicians and tool dealers alike have enjoyed over the years with the Power Probe 1 & 2:• When you connect the Power Probe to the car’s battery you have a multitude of testers at your finger tips.
• Press the rocker switch forward and you’ll have a hot lead for powering up electrical components like cooling fans, relays, press the switch rearward and you will have an instant ground lead.
• Simultaneously use the hot lead and the ground lead to activate components right in your hand.
• The polarity tester instantly identifies positive, negative and open circuits without having to re-polarize or reconnect hookup clips like with ordinary test lights.
• Power Probes circuit breaker helps you to follow and locate shorts fast without wasting fuses.
• Instantly check continuity of switches, relays and diodes.
Color may very to stock on handGold Test Lead Set (PPLS01)Now you’re able to power up components or check continuity in those hard to reach areas such as behind the dash or firewall. Our new lead set will give you that capability and much more.

The Power Probe Gold Series lead set helps technicians to accurately diagnose electrical problems much faster. Our lead set is the only one that features both high current 10 gauge multi strand leads and Gold Plated electrical connectors. The super flexible leads come in lengths of 1′, 3′, and 6′ and are stackable giving the technician even greater flexibility. Two self centering piercing probes not only save finger tips but make wire piercing a snap. The large and small probes enable the technician to pierce wires from 28 gauge to 8 gauge while assuring the wire is centered every single time. Our banana jacks, plugs and adapters are shrouded for added safety and standard sized 4mm ensuring compatibility with all circuit testing equipment.

If you are looking to improve the testing capabilities of your Power Probe or just want the best lead set money can buy, the Power Probe Gold Series Test Lead Set is the answer.

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Hurst – Crash Recovery System software

SHELBY, NC, – Hurst Jaws of Life, a well-known name in the rescue industry, will now serve as the U.S. distributor for Moditech Crash Recovery System® (CRS) software.

The Crash Recovery System® is a software application that provides complete interactive configurations for over 20,000 vehicle makes and models. (All American models vehicles are included from the year 2000 and forward.)  Specially developed for rescue workers, it provides an invaluable source of information for extracting people from crash accident vehicles. After selecting a specific model, the interactive system displays a top and side view of the vehicle, indicating the safety features in various color schemes. By operating the right side screen buttons, all vehicle body components can be virtually removed to display the safety features. Besides exact location and technical specifications of potentially hazardous components, it also indicates how they can be safely removed or disabled. Compatible with most current PC or laptop computer, the software is easily used at the accident scene when the information is crucial.

Moditech, an IT firm based in the Netherlands, has partnered with Hurst for exclusive U.S. distribution of their software and license subscriptions to the rescue industry. For more information or to receive a software demonstration, contact customer service at Hurst Jaws of Life at 1-800-537-2659 (option 6).

About Hurst Jaws of Life®

Hurst Jaws of Life® is a division of Hale Products Inc. Hale Products Inc. is the world’s leading provider of emergency services in applications such as defense, rescue, firefighting, and industry. Hale Products’ trademarks include Jaws of Life, Hale Pumps, Hurst, Godiva Pumps, FoamMaster, and CAFSMaster. With manufacturing and sales facilities in England, Germany, and Singapore, Hale Products is the largest manufacturer of products in its categories to the emergency services worldwide. Hale Products is a unit of IDEX Corporation, a manufacturer of proprietary fluid handling and industrial products. IDEX shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol IEX.

VentMaster Chain Saws

VentMaster Chain Saws  

The VentMaster line of chain saws feature the Husqvarna Pro 575XT Power Head, the most advanced power head available for fire service operation.

The New Husqvarna Pro 575XT is the most advanced power head available for fire service operation. With higher peak power and 20% more torque, the 575XT provides maximum cutting power over a longer range while improving productivity. The new One Step Starting, which combines the choke, throttle lock and stop mechanism all in one switch, eliminates flooding and allows fast convenient starting. The Raptor Carbide tipped chain was engineered to withstand the rigors of fire service operation. The Raptor cuts quicker and lasts longer than bullet chain or single raker carbide chain.

Tempest has combined the 575 X Torque and the Raptor Carbide Chain to provide you with a winning combination:  faster cuts, higher peak power, less maintenance and improved user productivity.

NEW! Husqvarna Pro 575XT Power Head

    • New X-TORQ engine increases torque over a wider RPM range for maximum cutting power.
    • Larger displacement, higher peak power, and 20% more torque.
    • Lowest emissions of any pro power head.  68 g/kwh against a year 2012 standard of 72 g/kwh.
    • Highest fuel economy in its class.

Exclusive Air-Injection, Centrifugal Force Air Cleaning System

    • Eliminates need for expensive external aftermarket filters. Preliminary Air Intake Cleaning rejects 97% of cutting residue and other air borne debris including drywall dust, concrete dust, smoke and water spray.

 Sealed & Protected Carburetor/Air Filter Compartment

    • Only Cleaning System air reaches filter preventing premature filter clogging.
    • The air filter cannot be crushed or lost.
    • Convenient tool-less compartment entry for easy access to spark plugs and air filter.

 Advanced Raptor Carbide Chain

    • No other chain is designed better for Fire/Rescue operations, ventilation, and forcible entry and RIT operations. Cuts tar and asphalt roofing materials, nails, wire-reinforced belting, light gauge sheet metal, garage and metal clad entry doors. Also ideal for disaster clean up.
    •  Cuts more materials faster than bullet or single raker chains.
    • Chain comes in a  .404 pitch, .063 gauge, the largest, heaviest chain available for handheld saws.