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Category: Saws

Black Lightning Diamond Rescue Blade

Black Lightning Diamond Rescue Blade


Cutters Edge has introduced a new high speed cutting blade for rotary saws called the Black Lightning Diamond Rescue Blade. This new blade fits all rotary saws and is available in 12”, 14” and 16” sizes.

According to Tom Ruzich, President of Cutters Edge, “the unique features of our new blade include an in-line cooling port design that enables faster and cooler cutting in any material. The exclusive bi-directional cutting capability is the result of the perpendicular gullet design that allows safe cutting in either rotational direction, enhancing safety, cutting speed and blade life.”
The Black Lightning blade uses a special vacuum brazing process to permanently bond the cutting diamonds to the substrate and exposes up to 30% more of the diamond cutting surface for better cutting performance, cooler operation and longer blade life.

VentMaster Chain Saws

VentMaster Chain Saws  

The VentMaster line of chain saws feature the Husqvarna Pro 575XT Power Head, the most advanced power head available for fire service operation.

The New Husqvarna Pro 575XT is the most advanced power head available for fire service operation. With higher peak power and 20% more torque, the 575XT provides maximum cutting power over a longer range while improving productivity. The new One Step Starting, which combines the choke, throttle lock and stop mechanism all in one switch, eliminates flooding and allows fast convenient starting. The Raptor Carbide tipped chain was engineered to withstand the rigors of fire service operation. The Raptor cuts quicker and lasts longer than bullet chain or single raker carbide chain.

Tempest has combined the 575 X Torque and the Raptor Carbide Chain to provide you with a winning combination:  faster cuts, higher peak power, less maintenance and improved user productivity.

NEW! Husqvarna Pro 575XT Power Head

    • New X-TORQ engine increases torque over a wider RPM range for maximum cutting power.
    • Larger displacement, higher peak power, and 20% more torque.
    • Lowest emissions of any pro power head.  68 g/kwh against a year 2012 standard of 72 g/kwh.
    • Highest fuel economy in its class.

Exclusive Air-Injection, Centrifugal Force Air Cleaning System

    • Eliminates need for expensive external aftermarket filters. Preliminary Air Intake Cleaning rejects 97% of cutting residue and other air borne debris including drywall dust, concrete dust, smoke and water spray.

 Sealed & Protected Carburetor/Air Filter Compartment

    • Only Cleaning System air reaches filter preventing premature filter clogging.
    • The air filter cannot be crushed or lost.
    • Convenient tool-less compartment entry for easy access to spark plugs and air filter.

 Advanced Raptor Carbide Chain

    • No other chain is designed better for Fire/Rescue operations, ventilation, and forcible entry and RIT operations. Cuts tar and asphalt roofing materials, nails, wire-reinforced belting, light gauge sheet metal, garage and metal clad entry doors. Also ideal for disaster clean up.
    •  Cuts more materials faster than bullet or single raker chains.
    • Chain comes in a  .404 pitch, .063 gauge, the largest, heaviest chain available for handheld saws.