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ECCO Acquires Code 3 Brand


ECCO Group has acquired Public Safety Equipment (PSE), which includes the following well-known international brands: Code 3, Premier Hazard, Britax PMG, PSE Amber, and PSV.

ECCO Group is primarily engaged in sales of reverse alarms and amber warning products for commercial vehicles and recognizes PSE as the ideal platform to expand its global presence and to penetrate the worldwide emergency vehicle’s sector, allowing the group to compete as a strong global player in both sectors.

The expanded organization, known as ECCO Safety Group, will have manufacturing in nine locations on four continents, along with an additional four sales offices in Germany, France, Australia, and China, together employing 900 team members.

Chris Marshall, CEO of ECCO Safety Group explained, “This is a huge development for us as it brings strong brands, additional products, and substantial access to the global emergency services sector. ECCO Group is well known for supplying amber warning beacons and lightbars to the commercial vehicle aftermarket sector along with reverse alarms to OEMs, so this development will see an expanded group investing for the longer term in service and innovation to support its customers around the world. We are offering red and blue emergency lighting, mirrors, switches, signal and accessory lights and wiper equipment drawing upon the expertise and experience that the PSE team brings with them.”

ECCO Group currently employs 270 people around the world with manufacturing locations in USA, Europe, Australia, and a sales office in China.

PSE employs 630 people with manufacturing locations in the USA, United Kingdom, and China; along with sales offices in Australia, Germany, and France.

EU Based vehicles might be fitted with Police controlled kill switch

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Safely disabling a vehicle being involved in a criminal exercise is a dangerous task, which may be why the EU is hoping to create a vehicle standard that makes it possible to stop them remotely.

Imagine a world where you can report your car stolen and have the police remotely disable it, or a high speed chase that abruptly and safely comes to an end as the vehicle politely stops and powers down. Apparently that is the exact thing the European Network of Law Enforcement Technologies wants to see happen all across Europe, and they have been working in secret to create a device that they would want to become a standard in all new European vehicles.

A device that is designed to cut the fuel supply and disable the ignition to the vehicle by remote, which is controlled remotely by a police officer in front of a bank of monitors somewhere, is the basic concept that has been created so far for this would-be standard. There’s no mention of controlling the brakes or controlling the vehicle’s ability to drive, so in theory the vehicle would just coast to a stop and whoever was inside would either be captured or try and run away. It’s a six year plan that the EU hopes will result in a thorough plan that could be easily implemented by auto makers.

Ray Allen Manufacturing Partners with Havis

gI_58820_Ray-Allen-shieldlogoRay Allen Manufacturing

Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) January 22, 2014

Ray Allen Manufacturing is proud to announce that it is now a reseller of Havis Inc. K9 Products. The decision to partner with Havis and offer their products is a testament to the pride Ray Allen Manufacturing takes in its business and its determination to provide customers in the K-9 industry with the most innovative and premium products.

“We feel this partnership is a great addition for Ray Allen Manufacturing, allowing us to leverage the Havis brand and their expertise in metal fabrication. We are looking forward to offering our customers more product depth in K-9 inserts, as well as decrease the time to market for new vehicle models,” said Steve A. Cates, President of Ray Allen Manufacturing.

For more than 60 years, the company has studied and worked with the professional K-9 industry for police K-9, military working dogs, professional K-9 trainers and consumer dog markets. Through these relationships and this unrelenting work in the field, Ray Allen Manufacturing has endeavored to perfect existing products and continues to develop high-quality, innovative merchandise for use in the K-9 industry.

As a first class supplier of working dog equipment, Ray Allen Manufacturing offers a complete line of all the products necessary to properly train canines. The company always welcomes new product ideas from its loyal customers or anyone in the business. When particular needs are not being met by existing equipment, Ray Allen Manufacturing will work to develop new and unique products.

About Ray Allen Manufacturing

After more than 60 years in business, Ray Allen Manufacturing’s mission remains the same – to be the world leader in quality and innovation of professional K-9 equipment for police, military, Schutzhund and Ring Sport; exceed customer expectations; and deliver on time, every time, at a fair price. For more information on Ray Allen Manufacturing, please call 1-800-444-0404 or visit

About Havis

Havis Inc. is a privately held, ISO 9001:2008 certified company that manufactures in-vehicle mobile office solutions for public safety, public works, government agencies and mobile professionals. For over 80 years, the Havis mission has been to increase mobile worker productivity with industry-leading products that are built to the highest safety and quality standards and are designed with comfort in mind. Headquartered in Warminster, Pa., with an additional location in Plymouth, Mich., Havis currently employs 200 people. For more information on Havis, please call 1-800-524-9900 or visit