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Whelen: NASA Chargers Chase Planes


NASA’s White Charger to the Rescue

Landing an ER-2, NASA’s long-winged, high-altitude Earth science aircraft, can be tricky. Its wings give the aircraft glider-like qualities, the aircraft is sensitive to crosswinds, and its ascent and descent rates are fast and steep. Even normal landings can be difficult for the pilot, encased in a full pressure suit. That’s where NASA’s recently acquired Dodge Charger safety chase car comes in.

Ford: Real Cops Test Real Cop Cars


Change is hard. Especially when you’re talking about changing a vital tool that you use for work every day. So it’s no surprise that the initial response to the next-generation Ford Police Interceptor sedan and utility vehicles has been mixed. Some officers are excited to try the new technology in these vehicles, while others are doubtful.

Ford made a bold move by recently inviting four police officers from around the U.S. and Canada to its Arizona Proving Grounds to experience the next-generation Ford Police Interceptor sedan and utility vehicles. No more guesses about how the new vehicles will perform. These are real police officers driving real police vehicles the way the will be used in the field.

Over the course of two days, the officers had the unique opportunity to drive prototypes of the Ford Police Interceptor sedan and utility, along with the current Ford CVPI, the Dodge Charger Pursuit and the Chevy Tahoe for comparison purposes.


2012 Police Interceptor from SEMA

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